Saturday, December 19, 2009


Oldest scion just walked in and handed me a Christmas present. A break barrel spring operated air rifle with a scope mounted on it, and a box full of pellets and supplies.

My kid just gave me a toy for Christmas..... and I am pleased as can be (g).

I am now hoping the new house is replete with critters needing quiet dispatch....


This thing is louder than my .22 rifles, when I use subsonics in the .22. On the upside, pellets are cheaper than .22 subsonics... I can tell you one thing, this air rifle is hell on the balls of snow hanging from the trees out back. I have been firing at them through the open sliding door off the deck, watching puff balls of snow explode from the branch tips through the scope.

Just the way to while away a heavy snowstorm, as I work up energy to pack boxes with the move. :-)

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