Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Years Day.... will be greeted at the beach.

Jesse and I are headed to the beach for New Years. In a way, this is our Christmas present to each other. We'll enjoy a few days of lounging in the spa, swimming in a pool that lets us look out over the Eastern horizon, and getting massages by someone who really, really knows how. New Years eve.... in the friendly bar a short walk down the street, with lively friends, good food, and fine beer on tap.

New Years Day? I hope to greet the first days first light by watching the sun come up across the water. Standing on the beach, waves breaking a short ways off, and with luck enough clear sky to see the sunrise in all it's glory.

Till then, moving into our new home will take up our time. I am coming from two rooms and a shared house, she from one room and a shared house. Who would think we have so much %$#@!^& stuff to move? The weather turns it into an orchestrated dance.... a few hours clear today, and we move electronics.... a few hours rain, and we shop for rugs and lamps.... go here, go there, buy this, move that, can't you read the sign Brother?

Tomorrow, a window opens where it all comes into alignment. Decent weather, a truck, a few healthy friends... and the big stuff gets moved. Beds, dressers, bookcases, reloading bench.... it all pales to insignificance before the chore of moving the safe. I know what I was thinking when I bought that big bugger, and I still think it's a good thing to own... but moving it can be troublesome.

Yes, moving can be a pain in the nether regions, but this time it's something I look forward to. Standing in the middle of our soon-to-be living room, I hear the ghosts of a good future whispering a chorus of happiness. Looking into Man Land (the garage), I picture my loading bench set up and a good sized work area where I can exorcise creative demons til they quiet down for another few days. The backyard, peaceful and perfect... and I've already seen it home to the neighbors children sledding after a snow.... consecrating the hillside in a way generations old. The kitchen, old and large and capturing 200 years of good food and good times... stands ready for more. The cutting board, knives, and cast iron pans already lay waiting the first home cooked meal we share.

Enough lallygagging my friends... It's time to kick this pig in the butt and get moving. There is much that needs done, and some joy to the doing.

Ya'll have a fine day, Ya hear?


Did it MY way said...

When the move is finished, and the dishes cleared from your first meal, all problems of the move will be forgotten. Enjoy your new home, and the next stage of your life.

God Bless.
See Ya

Everett said...

Hope you have good weather on the trip too the beach. I also watch the sunrise out of the water on quite a few days, then drive over the 3 miles to the other side of the Island to watch it set in the drink. It doesn't get too much better than that for me. Happy New Year guy and an even happier new life together!