Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breakfast burritos....

This morning was special, and called for a little extra effort on breakfast. Not eggnog pancakes, nor hash and eggs, but something different and exploding with flavor. Such would suit the day... and fit the circumstances.

Thus.... Breakfast burritos, stuffed with mushrooms, onions, crab meat, eggs, brown basmatti rice, salsa, and cheese.

Start out by setting the brown rice to cook according to directions. This will take long enough that all the other ingredients can be prepared while the rice cooks. I like water seasoned with sea salt, and a few tablespoons of good olive oil as well.

Dice the onions and saute in
butter till lightly browned. Toss in the mushrooms (sliced) and sprinkle lavishly with fresh ground pepper. Allow to sizzle a few more moments, and then remove from the heat and set aside for the burrito building stage. The mushrooms will cook a little with the residual heat, soaking up flavor as they do.

In the same pan the onions were sauteed in, melt a few pats of butter and cook the chunks of crab meat for just a few moments on medium heat. Now is the time to introduce Old Bay seasoning, and as much as your taste desires.

Once the crab is beginning to brown just slightly, pour in two eggs which have been well scrambled. As the eggs set, add more Old Bay seasoning to taste. Once the egg-crab mixture is set, remove from the heat and set aside to cool a little.

Working mise en place, arra
nge the onion/mushroom mix, the crab/egg mix, shredded cheese, brown rice, and salsa in a way that makes burrito assembly easy. In the whole wheat burrito layer rice, eggs and crab meat, onions and mushrooms, and cheese. Add a few teaspoons of salsa to each burrito and then fold the tortilla over snugly.

Place each burrito back into the hot pan on medium heat (folds down at first) and toast till a little crispy and the cheese melts. Plate with more rice and salsa on the side.

Eat..... enjoy.....

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Rev. Paul said...

DANG that looks good!