Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Brown/Croakley race.....

Today will be the first real chance citizens have had to comment on the current administration and Congress since they were voted in.

Sure.... people have been saying what they think, and making clear how they feel, but the elected folks in DC have made every effort to just plain ignore the American public. Today is the first election to a Senatorial seat since The One was seated behind his desk in the oral office. Today.... is the first chance the American public has had to speak in terms that cannot be ignored.

The race..... one of the most die hard blue states in the union, Massachusetts, has a choice between the Democrat successor to their beloved Ted Kennedy, and an upstart Republican who is almost conservative. Brown, the Republican, cannot win if the state desires to stay Democrat and support the Obama administration. There are not enough Republicans left in Massachusetts to give him the win... not without Democrats voting for him as well.

This election is 100% about what the people think of Obama and his Democrat majority congress, and what they are doing to us. This election is about imperial arrogance vs. a Constitutional Republic.

I suspect this will be an interesting day.


Crucis said...

Zogby has been quoted (yesterday?) saying that Coakley will win with less than a point. I supposed he's remembering the graveyard and ACORN votes. Supposedly 10,000 absentee blank votes are missing in Boston and another suburb.

I don't discount the dems ability to steal the election.

Did it MY way said...

Lets hope for a honest election.

Should be interesting.

See Ya