Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interesting warship

Neat stuff. Looks like a spectacular ship, and is being billed as the ultimate pirate deterrent. The navy wants 50+ copies of it.
One thing comes to mind though.... it needs a command that actually has the balls to do something about pirates, and I just don't see that from our current administration.


Paul said...

We used to watch the new stealth ships for brown water come in and out of San Diego. They weren't as pretty as this one.

Crucis said...

There are two Littoral Assault Ship prototypes being tested. This one and another by a competitor. According to some military blogs, neither of these ships meet the design requirements. Proof again that the Navy procurement process doesn't understand you can't fit 10lbs of crap in a 5lb sack.

Seems the Navy waaay underestimated the crew requirements. So, these ships can either carry an assualt force or crew---but not both. Stratcom and Milblog both have the background on these ships.

Nice looking, I admit.