Friday, January 8, 2010

Toys coming to light.......

One interesting point about moving... things turn up that had been misplaced, forgotten, or set aside for later consideration.

Case in point... in shifting the collection to the new home, I noticed a few items that have come to me by chance over the last year. Nothing I set out to buy, but simply deals that came along too good to turn down. Among these, a H+R single shot .410, an old bolt action 20 gauge, a very senior bolt action 30-30, and a Winchester lever action .22 rifle. None cost more than $75, and are all part of a breed.

I smell a 'Carteach0' blog post coming up regarding... the lure of inexpensive working guns.

It's time I got back into the saddle again and turned fingers to keys. My shooty blog is lacking, I've been slacking, and the ideas are stacking.

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Jean said...

Doing my blog reading catch-up after vacation...
Pleases me no end to read how happy one of my friends is d:-)

Wishing you a most Happy 2010!!