Monday, February 8, 2010

Audi's 'Green Police'... wrong on so many levels.

I am personally disgusted by Audi's advertising during yesterdays bowl game. Not only is the concept of a violent eco-freak police state abhorrent, but AUDI, of all people, should understand the name 'Green Police' is historically bad precedent. We are talking Nazi and Holocaust bad...

The Order Police played a central role in carrying out the Holocaust,
as stated by Professor Browning:
It is no longer seriously in question that members of the German Order Police, both career professionals and reservists, in both battalion formations and precinct service or Einzeldienst, were at the center of the Holocaust, providing a major manpower source for carrying out numerous deportations, ghetto-clearing operations, and massacres.

Audi..... that was a very bad choice of advertising.

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Crucis said...

I didn't watch the stupid bowl. I never do. But a friend of mine e-mailed me a link to a YouTube copy of the ad. What a horrendously stupid ad.

It's a fine example how the Germans don't understand Americans. Germans may think the Gestapo funny. We don't and would be more likely to react in a VERY unfriendly manner.