Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few early Sunday rambles.....

Once again, a fine morning to sleep in.... but it's not happening. I'm awake and up before the sun, as is my habit. I have to wonder... some day when/if I ever retire.... will I be able to sleep later? Or... is this behavior now genetically encoded in me?

Speaking of retiring.... yesterday I stopped for coffee at a WaWa (good coffee). As is typical for me, I was growling internally at the silly people in front of the coffee station milling around and dithering in indecision. Faced with choices, so many people lock up and release their internal Valium distribution network. Me? I know what I want, I grab a cup, a sleeve, and a lid... and then pour in my coffee and go. Talking 20 seconds tops, and I am on my way to checkout..... all while Franny the Flailer is still figuring out which size cup to think about considering.

I asked myself yesterday... does 'retirement' mean no longer being concerned enough about being late to growl at those idiots anymore?

Today should be devoted to learning how to factor algebraic equations, but to be frank, the whole thing is driving me a little crazy. The problem is this..... while the college algebra course may be required by PSU for my teaching certificate, even the professor admits it's material I have never needed in my life, and likely never will. That's a rub for me, as I detest wasting time doing something useless that I dislike doing, especially when the only reason I am doing it is because some officious boob ordered me to without reason. I can waste time doing something I like, and invest time doing something I dislike if the reason is valid... but wasting time without reason, doing something I dislike.... that rubs me wrong.

Ah Well.... I must have a 'C' to be reimbursed for the course.

One day, when I am done with earning this teaching certificate, I will write a bit about the farcical financial fraud that is the process. I have some doosies to tell.... but not yet... not while PSU can still destroy my career on a whim.

For this morning... the coffee is brewed and delicious. The fire in the stove is bringing the living room into that wonderful 'toasty' range, and in the cabinet I have a can of fine Irish steel cut oats to cook for breakfast. I'll be watching the sun rise from behind the neighbors barn as I cook, and knowing that baby is sleeping like an angel upstairs. Right now... just this moment... life is pretty good.

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