Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow blogging, mid storm, 2/10/10

It's 7:30 in the morning, and it's been snowing all night.... again. I can just make out the trees across the road, hidden as they are by a veil of falling snow. The trees themselves are draped in deadly white blankets of heavy snow.

Now, the snow falls in heavy sheets. Later, the wind is supposed to rise... 10...20...30....40 miles per hour. Coupled with the heavy snow fall: Blizzard!

I have yet to make the traditional anti-snow-demon breakfast of French Toast. That magic will happen a little later, as Princess begins to stir and the storm really comes into it's own.

The snow we shoveled only a few days ago has become a base for today's addition. The road by the house.... looks as it must have 100 years ago during a snow fall. Unplowed, untouched, with only wheel tracks of the brave, foolish, and determined.

This afternoon we'll dig out, again, if the wind subsides. The weather guessers call for another eleven inches today, and more tonight, with enough wind to sculpt a wild scenario of drifts and trenches.

It will be interesting!

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