Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow day!

Schools are shut down here today... roads to icy for safe driving. SNOW DAY!!

For us, that means light the fire, make coffee, and kick back with a leisurely breakfast. Let the snow fall, the wind blow, and chaos rein. We are snug, warm, and well fed.

Speaking of breakfast... does anyone know of a toaster that will actually cook English muffins properly? I have yet to find one that didn't have to be reset two or three times to get a nice crispy muffin.

As for me today..... I shall write a bit, study a bit, and practice activating the Lasermax as I draw my Glock. That finger thing is tricky to get down solid, and will take some practice. The upside, with the laser I am also practicing rapid target acquisition at the same time.

Happy snow day!

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