Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday... cough...cough

There has been a congruence of events leading to me burning a sick day today. In part, I am more than a little tired... sixteen hour work days can do that to a person (I count my evening college classes as work... I am only there because I am required to be). Add in the paper I have due for this evenings class, a delivery being made at the house today, errands that need doing..... put it all together, and the result is I needed a day. Luckily, I team teach, and we are blessed with one great bunch of students this year. They can survive and thrive without me for a day.

Handy thing then, that I have so many unused sick days stored up over the years that I could be 'sick' for two months and never miss a paycheck.

So.... an easy morning without a heavy rush. Time is available to relax a bit, and enjoy the fire. Time to browse the web, read e-mail, and maybe even answer some for a change. Time to watch a Peter Schiff video and once again be disturbed by our present governments non-grounding in reality.....

I remain convinced we could forcibly draft any average house wife for a years servitude in Congress and end up with better management than we get with these jokers. Their profligate spending is being done on the backs of an ever decreasing number of productive taxpayers. It's an unsustainable system, doomed to fail.

My thoughts? I suspect there is a very real chance of another major dip in our economy. The unemployment numbers alone are downright scary, as this graphic shows so well:

Mix in anecdotal evidence I get to see on a daily basis.... heavy machinery idle, empty storefronts, families moving in with each other while houses sit vacant for months and years, taxes universally going up as local/state/federal governments refuse to limit spending even as the economy sinks..... shall I go on?

The news is ripe with lovely indicators. Each taken alone, just an interesting blip. Piled together, and.... Oh my! Trucks getting hijacked more frequently, Democrats planning to 'spend us out of debt', Record breaking bank closings, the joy seems to go on in depth.

Yes, there are bright spots here and there... and I cheer when I see them. I just wish there were more of them, and larger too.

As for me.... I'm not sure what it all means. I think it may be a good time to convert some metals to cash, and lay in a few supplies. Our grandparents were not fools, and they survived hard times by pulling in their horns, keeping the larder stocked, and not wasting anything. Perhaps it's time to think about doing the same.


Everett said...

Been doing as your last paragraph suggests for the last two years.Ten 50 gallon plastic drums full of nonperishable food stuff, nitrogen filled, enough reloading stuff to field about 40k worth of rounds, various sizes. Although I'm going the opposite way with the metal/cash thing. According to Mr W Buffet, that paper isn't going to be worth much in the "new economy". Unlike him I can't afford a railroad to tide me over through the coming storm!

Ted Amadeus said...

This will end the way Keynesian economics always does: Massive amounts of toilet-paper currency being printed up to satisfy the creditors, while the TP-money in your bank accounts becomes worth less by the minute...
Unsustainable is an understatement.
When socialistic/spiritualistic altruism meets politicians and bureaucrats who'll do/say anything to keep their synchy, work-free jobs, this is what you get.

Carteach0 said...

I've got a couple posts in the chute concerning money, or should I say 'dollars', and what they really mean. People not understanding how US dollars work is why Federal Reserve bankers and Congress-critters are not lynched.