Friday, March 26, 2010

A 30 story tall rock throwing conservative giant? Now how COOL is that??

It seems the Seattle times is reporting some Demo-schmuck had a rock tossed through his office window. This was reported amongst many other examples of bad things being done to the poor Democrats congress-critters. (Yet no news report on the Presidents call for Pitch Forks ......Kinda weird, that is)

One problem.... the Congress-critter in question has a 30th floor office.

I see one of two options. (A) The Seattle Times is full of BS, and acting as a blathering idiot media arm of the Democratic party..... OR.....

We really do have a thirty story tall rock throwing Conservative giant on our side.

I have to say... that would really be kind of kewl. I could join up with a political party that had thirty story tall pissed off giants as spokesman. Maybe we could get them to pass an 'Alimentary' comment on Congress while it's in session. That would be fitting, as Congress does that to us almost every day.


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Ban sales and possession of the Trebuchet.

Jay G said...

But only post-ban, high capacity trebuchets...

(PS: Alimentary commentary - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)