Sunday, March 21, 2010

Country life...

Something that brings a genuine, and wide, smile to my face..... kids being allowed to be kids.

Looking out across our back field yesterday, as we readied the first outdoor fire of the season.... a small boy playing. Not just playing, but playing 'guns' with his brother. Not just 'guns', but real honest to God toy guns that throw hard plastic BB's... and they were happily shooting each other whenever field craft would allow. Ducking, dodging, using cover and concealment... and learning lessons like kids should.

Sure, they had on shooting glasses for safety, but they also had some cool factor going for them :-)

I heard one tell the other "Not in the neighbors yard!". Wrong boy.... you can play in my yard all you want.


Jean said...

I think it is very cool, also, that they wouldn't venture to 'the neighbor's yard' on their own. Expecting to need permission. Those boys are being raised well.

Carteach0 said...

Yup. Good folks living next door, and raising good kids. It helps that the nice lady brought us half a dozen home made peanut butter eggs this morning :-)

Moments ago I gifted dad a good air rifle to let his boys shoot out back. I had one when *I* was a kid.... so should they.