Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gun show report

It was a wild and rainy morning..... (as opposed to a dark and rainy night).

My shooting club is holding it's gun show this weekend. A regular club fundraiser, and usually a fun way to spend an hour or two. Vendors rent table space, the club charges a small entrance fee, and the ladies cook some delicious food to sell.

I like to support my club, and I like fun shows, and the weather really IS nasty today... so off to the club with my chubby butt.

It was what I call a scrap-gold show, as in "Your stuff is scrap, and my stuff is gold". Prices were mostly just a little over the top, with a few exceptions. I don't need another 8x57 Mauser just now, nor another Mosin Nagant .... even a five liner. Other than that the $ was just too pushy.

I paid my entrance fee, ate a fantasmagorical fried egg and bacon sandwich, bought an old machete to strip bamboo with.... and walked away down only $10. Frankly, nothing caught my eye or made me salivate, and there were only a few pieces I handled. 30 minutes in the heavy crowd was enough... and now I am back home to relax and await the appearance of Sleeping Beauty.

No joy in a gun show.... that's just not like me. I even went with cash this time, planning on some new toy coming home with me. But.... no joy. Usually the crowds are not crowds, but bunches of people who I share something with. Not today. This day they were just crowds of strangers, with a few handshakes from the past and requests to get together soon.

What is so different today? I can only pin it to one thing.... last night I was reading around the blog circuit, and stumbled across a simple phrase. They were words I had heard a hundred times before from someone, that now served up a wholly different meaning. Just a few words... that harshly grated a wound not healed.

This too shall pass, and strength will come of it. "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger".

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Did it MY way said...

I felt the same way at last weekends gun show. Tons of people, high prices, mostly black guns, and no wheelguns that could add to my collection.

At least you enjoyed some good food.

See Ya