Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump day misc.......

I found out via text last night (while I was in night class): One of my boys won the NorthHampton College automotive competition yesterday. Clean sweep, first place. Pretty kewl! The same young man is also slated to compete in the SkillsUSA state competition, and has a shot at going national.

All in all... this years crop of little angels is remarkable. Hands down, the best class I have ever had, based on shear number of talented students. Most of these boys are exceptional. Icing on that cake... over 100 students are vying for seats in our program next year. I looked over the applications of the students headed our way, but I came to realize they really mean little. Those records are of students in the regular school system, and frankly... reflect the failing schools more than the students. Our program is reality based, not liberal education indoctrination based. Students come to life and bloom with us, rather than whither away in entitlement decrepitude and fallacy.

Speaking of evening class... I passed my first college algebra test with an astounding 85%. I had hoped to simply not fail, based on partial credit for work shown. As it is, on two of the problems the professors only comment was a large, confused looking, question mark.

Speaking of lasers, I called Lasermax yesterday about my non-functional guide rod laser. Bob was helpful, and thought it might be range tested today and shipped back soon. We shall see, and I am eager to range test it myself. One thing... I am glad I called. Lasermax had my return address incorrect, and it would have gone winging off into the unknown if I hadn't fixed that.

On the subject of BLACKHAWK!, and their invite to a 'blogger seminar' in the near future... I am going to wait before I get excited about it. It's being put together by a contract marketing person, I gather, and she does not respond to e-mails. The initial invite was interesting, but the note she returned back to my RSVP showed she didn't even read what I noted. My next e-mail, a few days later, has gone unanswered. I am willing to chalk it up to 'very busy', but frankly I was concerned enough that I checked with BLACKHAWK! to make sure she really did represent them. Answer: Yes, she does. It's another 'we shall see'. I'll keep the dates blocked out, for now.

Enough for now....must hustle and get ready for another day in paradise. Ya'll have a good one, ya hear?


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