Thursday, March 25, 2010

The leopard does not change his shorts....

What will the politicians do next? FWIW... I predict....

The Democrats in Congress will bleat about threats and intimidation, although actual incidents will be very hard to demonstrate. They will do this to get the automatic knee jerk reaction of "Of course WE don't tolerate this kind of activity" from both media and their opposition, and of course to gain 'victim-hood' points.

The reality.... most if not all of these incidents will be made up from whole cloth, be the actions of their own people, or be the result of 'redefinition'. What is 'redefinition'? An example.... I suspect the very act of trying to talk with the Democratic Congress-critter about their actions in a negative way will be redefined as 'intimidation'.

The last time a brick was tossed through a Democrats window, it was one of their own... and naturally it was found out and reported in the casual media.

Folks... liars lie, and thieves steal. The leopard does not change his shorts.

What will the Republicans be doing? I predict.... Most will spend their time ineffectually crying foul, whilst riding the wave of anti 'cram it down our throats' their opponents have built up. I also predict the Republicans will be buddy buddy to the tea party movement...... and will be held at arms length by people who have learned not to trust them one bit.

I look for something big to happen before the next election cycle. I am convinced it will be something that ensures massive voter turnout for the Democrats, such as making 20,000,000 new Democrat voters out of illegal aliens ( I got $20 bucks that says this is teh next push), or perhaps sacrificing one of their own to a high profile bullet. Yes.... I think that much of them.... I really DO believe they would assassinate one of their own, just for political gain. I also don't think they are smart enough to keep it secure if they do.

Ya, I know... crazy talk. My problem is.... I read history books.

Oh... and if.... by any weird chance... we actually do have straight up and reasonable honest elections, there will be a huge shift in political party power over the next two elections. It will go Republican or Independent over most of the nation, excepting in the very strongest of knee jerk Democratic strong holds.

Me? I am re-registering as Independent. The Republican party in PA has poisoned the well too many times. Their backing of political hack Corbett for guv is the last straw.


JohnMXL said...

I thought it was the 'leopard doesn't change his SPOTS', but hey, it's your blog so write what you want.

You bring up one of my concerns - that someone in the current majority party will tire of waiting for someone in the minority party to go over the line and will take it upon himself to start something and blame it on the minority party.

With mainstream media made up of fellow travelers I can see it taking a long time for the truth to be brought to light, and $DEITY only knows what kind of laws could be rammed thru in the meantime.

Carteach0 said...

Leopards and shorts would be a literary hat tip to Terry Prtatchett.

Such a false flag operation has been a staple of dirty politics for many generations. The Democrats are masters of dirty politics, and I agree the major media will play their role. The change is this... and many 'in power' still don't see it... the NEW media will NOT fall for it. Such a false flag operation will be investigated into little pieces within days of coming to light.

JohnMXL said...

Sorry, not familiar with Terry Pratchett. Have to add him to my reading list. Are his books available in paperback? I try to keep a paperback or two in the saddlebag on the motorcycle for campfire reading.

WV: conme. What the administration is trying to do right now.

Ted Amadeus said...

If something as draconian and unconstitutional as this DEATHcare bill can be rammed through, you have to assume all bets are off, no holds are barred and the left-wing fascists will continue to push the envelope, which doesn't bode well for liberty.
It has nothing to do with health care, and everything to do with stripping the productive of everything they have. I say, liquidate! The less there is to steal, the less incentive for the pull-peddlers in D.C. to send their goon squads and looters after you.
Without a SCOTUS overturn, repeal or amendment, there will be civil war in 2014...The assault rifles and other heavy-gauge artillery are flying off the shelves too fast and in too great a volume, unless there's some kind of no-limit/license deer season coming I haven't heard about.