Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost in the move, and now found: One box of fine cigars, my cigar cutter, and the required wooden matches. The next sound you hear will be the gnats around the back deck gagging as they flee at full speed. The sound after that will be the lid popping off a cold bottle of Yuengling ale.

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Ted Amadeus said...

I seriously contemplated buying and burning a stogy today, but figured the wine, tacos, beer and pizza were enough celebration.
In 1981, this was the day mom and I left everything we ever knew for an unknown life in New Mexico.
A year later, she gave me a silver chain to mark the occasion.
In 1986, this was the day I learned I had a son.
1n 1991, this was the day my mom departed this Earth.
Thank you for observing "Bittersweet" with me...May you have many more!