Saturday, April 17, 2010

As I relax this morning over a fine mug of coffee, I am reading through my blog list over there to the right, as I do most every weekend. Those are good people, and I enjoy reading their opinions and sharing the small moments in their lives.

That said..... I just realized I've written a double handful of comments to their posts this morning, only to delete each one. Also, two blog posts in the last hour.... now deleted.

My mood this morning? If anyone wanted my opinion, they would have asked.


Ted Amadeus said...

*scratches dome*
Actually, since comment threads are entirely optional, it's kind of a given that your opinion is welcomed.

D.W. Drang said...

I dunno, I alternate between treasuring each, rare, comment I get, and almost having a heart attack when someone cares enough to comment. ;-)
I do, though, sometimes find myself starting a comment and then deleting it, when I realize I actually have nothing much to add to the post or the comment thread, and am just commenting to have something to do.

Borepatch said...

If anyone wanted my opinion, they would have asked.

So whadda ya think?


Rev. Paul said...

What Borepatch said. Actually, I welcome comments, especially from good folks like you. It's part of the reason I put up the posts.

Crucis said...

Comments let us blog writers know who dropped by. It's nicer if you had something additional to say.

I appreciate NFO. He always leave a comment---just a few words to let me know he stopped by. I appreciate those few words and although I try to reciprocate, I'm not as regular that I'd like.

More work for me.

As Rev. Paul said, it's one reason some post. Others like me write to provide an outlet.

Carteach0 said...

I was kind of Grumpy this morning. Nothing unusual :-)

Thanks for the reminding me of things to be happy about, like friends.