Saturday, April 3, 2010

Magic in the flames.....

Last night we had friends over. To be more descriptive, friends, family, neighbors, assorted children ...and dogs. It was the first time we entertained in our new rent-a-home. It certainly won't be the last!

There is some magic involved.... there must be. A fire pit tossing sparks into the night sky, while marinated veggies and brats roast over the coals. Light from oil lanterns that anyone's great grandfather would recognize and approve of. Lager and Ale chilled cold, yet somehow warming in the cool evening air. Add it all together on the patio out back, and suddenly it's another world. One where peoples cares fade into history and smiles come easier.

I think we are doing it again tonight. Maybe different people, maybe different food, but another invitation for the magic to materialize. This time, shrimp on skewers and marinated apples...

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