Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome to the US House of Representatives..... whomever you may be.

VERY interesting......

Ever since I posted the list of those in congress who voted for the Massive health care scam, I have been getting six to eight hits a day from.... The US House of Representatives information system. The typical search terms being the names of reps.

Now.... I have several hit's a day coming in from the same source, only from bookmarks instead of searches.

Welcome to my tiny little nook in the great big cyberworld!

Now..... My Babe says I should be careful.... to which I replied that I am just a tiny little peon, hardly worth the bother, to which she replied.... "You know they are idiots. No telling what stupid things they could do."

Good point dear... good point.


Ted Amadeus said...

That's uncomfortably true.

D.W. Drang said...

Yeah, I started getting the same thing right after I posted the list I got from you. It's all your fault. See you in the re-education camp...;-)

Crucis said...

Welcome to the Club. Mine was from the House Sergeant of Arms last November.