Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed day


I can't draw, nor do I have the time to be bothered with such just now. So.... I'll keep it simple.

If any submoronic whack job claiming some 'religion' as their excuse for bigotry, violence, and all round asshattery is looking for something to take offense at.... feel free to write my name on your list.

Bring it on, twink. Bring your bearded child molesting prophet with you for all I care. Just shut up and get to it already.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Don't bank on pipe-bombs or machete-wielding ragheads screaming "Allah achbar!!!" as they charge turning up anytime soon.
Despite the Bush propaganda, Wahhabi are rare outside the middle east and "the great European chamber pot", and tend to stick to soft targets like unarmed women, 10-year-old boys that stole a loaf of bread and crowded Israeli nightclubs and cafes.
They grow extremely fearful and recalcitrant against targets that shoot back accurately, and seem to prefer sneaking around in the dark while backs are turned.
Most of what went on 11SEP2001 took - bare minimum - a hell of a lot of "walking by things & looking the other way" to happen.