Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Blackhawk swag!

Friends, I have been wading through some Blackhawk products lately, and pretty much enjoying myself tremendously. I now wear their Desert Ops boots everyday, and my feet and legs feel great. When I am not in work uniform I am wearing Blackhawk clothes, and I'll be writing about that stuff too, eventually (feel great, look good, yadda yadda). NO... this is not becoming the Blackhawk blog... it's just that I temporarily have some of their toys to play with til they come to their senses.

Well, the time has come to share the swag with my readers. In my E-mail yesterday came this note from Blackhawk, offering a $50 gift certificate for a good story involving their gear. Any of their gear... you choose. Photos make it better. Best of all, *I* get to chose the best story, and the winner. I have to say.... my head is swimming with the awesome power of that! (A joke son, a joke!).

Here are the official words from Blackhawk:

“BLACKHAWK! may have been new to me prior to my trip, but you may have had experience with it already. I want to see or hear of your BLACKHAWK! experience in action. Submit the best photo of your BLACKHAWK! gear or a short description of how you use the product and one reader will win a $50.00 gift certificate”

So lets have them folks.... got a story involving their gear, and want $50 more of their gear for free? I'll just say... their CQB belts are worth twice what they ask, and that Gladius flashlight is fast becoming a hit amongst my buddies and co-workers.

There are no tricks, and the only info that gets passed on to Blackhawk will be the name and address of the winner so they can mail your prize out. One catch... I get to post the winning story and photos... so keep it clean! Nothing you wouldn't mind your mother reading!

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