Sunday, May 16, 2010

A minor moral quandary.......

Over on the Carteach0 blog, I intercepted a particularly nasty comment accusing me of selling out and providing 'paid for' biased gear reviews. It was meant solely to hurt, and displays the sender in a very poor light.

Of course, it was delivered anonymously.... but is anything really anonymous on the internet? It took only a few moments to attribute the comment to it's true source (an individual who should know better) and save the screen shots.

Now I get to choose.... ignore the person, or use the comment with attribution in a future post.

Thus, a quandary.....


Ted Amadeus said...

Publish the comment and its author in their entirety, then "call bullshit": Put the lie down. Make known in no uncertain terms the gross error in minute detail.
If you believe this to be beneath you, just delete it & move on.
For me, it would depend on the seriousness of the accusation and the level of gross error.

CalvinsMom said...

I'd go the other direction: let it bide a while.

The internet is a great way to vent spleen and act like an asshole. If you have a bad day, it's easier to log on and tee off on a semi-anonymous stranger.

Everyone is entitled to one (1) asshole moment/comment.

If it happens again, by all means, public naming and shaming is in order.

Everett said...

I also am afflicted with at least one person who always comes out of the wood work to oppose ANYTHING I post. I call him the cyber sniper 'cause he is to chickensh*t to put his name to it. So I just continue to hit back verbally just to satisfy my own ire. Stupid, but it makes me feel better when I hit the "post" key! I like Calvin's Mom's suggestion though. Hang in there!

Carteach0 said...

Given the perspective of time, I have decided to simply delete the comment and screen shots of the blog visit. No good will come of exposing the commenter.