Sunday, May 9, 2010

A review of the Blackhawk SERPA holster


Over on 'Da Udder' blog, a review of the SERPA holster.

I have ordered a dummy gun (plastic training pistol) for the upcoming torture test. The plan is to bury the whole rig in sand, muck, and rocks while shaking it pretty good. I'm going to try and jam up the SERPA retention lock with everything short of actually pounding a nail through it.

More range testing will happen later today (WHOO HOO!), but I don't expect anything different than what Todd Jarrett showed us while we were at Blackhawk last week. So far, thumbs up.

I also ordered one of the Blackhawk SERPA holsters for my G-30, and I'll try it as a regular carry rig for a while. I like the idea of positive retention, as long I can't force the lock mechanism to fail.


Anonymous said...

Here's a jam Brigid had with hers. On the range fortunately.

Carteach0 said...

Yup.... read that. I'm a 'see it myself' kind of guy. If I can make it fail, I'll figure out why it does. If not.... I'll keep trying (g).

EVERYTHING mechanical fails. I live in a world where a polished stainless steel ball can be faulty and jam up the works. We just have to allow for a certain amount of failures, and eliminate what we can.

I have seen well maintained and experienced Sig's get pretty thoroughly jammed up with quality factory ammo. Glocks as well. Revolvers as well. Hell, I have literally had a steel bar fail in a simple task, and a knife snap in two... things happen.

I normally carry in a Galco JAK slide. A holster can't get any simpler and exist. It has no retention method other than the wearers belt applying pressure to the holster, and a good fit. Could I drop a pistol from it? Without a doubt, yes. Could I have my pistol taken from me? Same answer.

The question becomes... what failure would I be more willing to risk? The very rare chance of dropping my gun, and/or having it taken from me..... or the very rare chance of a retention device failing on a draw?

With mechanical things, it always boils down to a game of odds. Keep eliminating the next most likely problem, until whats left are wildly diminishing returns.

Anonymous said...

I have that holster and when I saw Brigid's experience it gave me pause. I don't do extreme things so I don't guess mine would get exposed to much that would cause it to jam but I think for a carry holster I'd be inclined to stick with basics that would have a serious difficulty jamming up. Generally I'd be looking for a concealed carry anyway and the Serpa isn't except under bulkier clothes than I would generally wear.

That said, I find it a truly nice holster as your video above shows you did as well. It was very natural within a couple minutes and has done wonders for overcoming my inclination to put my finger in the trigger guard. I generally have to think hard not to do that when drawing but the system kind of teaches you not to do that. That's another reason I like it.