Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday morning ramblings.... Part 578.2 (section c)


I have a slight..... headache. Just a bit of a thumper, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the ..... HOW MANY !?!?.... Bottles of lager I had last night.

After a long week, I came home ready to relax. One cheese steak (with mushrooms and onions, of course!) later and a bottle of ice cold Yuengling lager had already sunk home. A brother bottle joined it as I relaxed on the patio reading a Dresden novel. By 6pm, I had started a fire in the pit and a third bottle came to roost. Shortly after, Princess comes home, and we celebrated with another few. Then, the neighbors stop over for fun around the fire.... and more beer. In amongst playing with the kids, petting the lab, eating pizza (Thanks Matt!) and just having a good time... it seems that Quite A Lot Of Beer was consumed.


There is so much I'd like to do this weekend. Holster torture tests, a steel match at the club, some interesting chores around the house, Todd Jarrett videos to be watched, time at the gym.... we shall see what actually comes to pass. I'm feeling remarkably laid back, and ready to enjoy some simple relaxation. If nothing actually gets done but brewing some good coffee and curling up with a good book..... I'll call it a day well spent. Recovery has value too.

Only one week left in school. Grading is finished, and the kids know it. Nothing they do now will make their grade improve, and discipline relies more on their character and integrity than actual 'consequences'. As expected, we now see the best and worst thats in the boys. On the whole, I am mightily pleased. I'll say they are the best class in the school, and I'll stand behind those words.

Just one more week, and then a three day weekend, and then the last day of school. One last day, after which 600 students and their families will descend on some poor unsuspecting mega-church for our award ceremony (we are not allowed to call it a 'graduation'). My partner and I will stand on the stage and hand our boys their certificates one at a time. A hand shake, some murmured words, some applause.... and thats all she wrote.

Sure, I will have another week and a half at school. In service stuff, and maybe.... just maybe.... the admin will leave us alone long enough to get some real work done. After that.... weeks and weeks of mostly freedom. I can taste it.... it's so close.

It's time for another mug of that Eight 'o Clock brew, and maybe a toasted bagel. A great day awaits... and I hope ya'll share a piece of it.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Yeah man, gotta watch that shit when you get past 40...DON'T ask how I know (dear-bought experience)!