Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday, and a beautiful one it is too!

An outstanding morning looms, and a full day behind it. Daybreak coffee is savored while listening to Kenn Blanchards latest pod cast.

Later, the gym (key sinister music). Did it yesterday too... started with three miles on the bike to warm up, and then to the machines 'o doom. Twenty reps each, bumped up from fifteen the week before. 300 pounds on the leg press, 230 on the lower back torture rack, 150 on crunches, 200 on shoulders, 150 on curls..... and on... and on... till Princess was done her bike run.

No, I don't seem to be losing any weight, mostly because I sure do love to eat... but I feel better. A lot better.

This afternoon is mostly free, so...... range time. The little ISSC M22 is calling me back, and I think it will take a brick of .22's to silence. Today, some bullseye work, and a bunch of drills. Draw-fire, reload, and movement. I think it will be a torture test of sorts... lets see just how far this .22 can go without cleaning. I'll take 1000 rounds with me, and video the results.

Spend the morning working out the body, and the afternoon working out the mind and reflexes. It's going to be a goooooood day!


Lissa said...

I made it 3.78 klicks this morning without stopping. And it felt good!

Now, if only the endorphin rush would last all day, instead of being replaced by an intense desire to nap as soon as I hit my desk . . .

Crucis said...

I walk one to two miles several times a week, temp permitting. I've lost 10 lbs, but more interesting is that the weight I retain is moving around!

What a surprise.