Monday, June 14, 2010

More liberal violence.... from yet another Congressman

How DARE... I mean HOW DARE a common low life citizen question a liberal Democrat Congressman? Clearly, his Greatness the above-all Bob Etheridge had every right to commit assault while defending his honor (???) in the face of an impertinent question.

I have to be honest here.... if some scum sucking sack like Bob Etheridge laid hands on me in the fashion he did this well dressed and polite college student, he would be recovering from a rather physical moment of self defense on my part.

The real world.... of course the Slime ball congressman won't be charged with assault. Things like that are for regular peons. Congressman in the ruling party are above such laws, and for all intents unbound by them.

On the other hand..... imagine being such a ball-less wonder that a simple and easy question like that has him resorting to violence like a crack whore who missed a few hits. It must truly suck to be him..... I just wonder if he knows it?

This encounter tells us all we need to know about double standards, political corruption, and rot at our governments core. This statement says it all; If a citizen did that to a Congressman, there is no chance he wouldn't be arrested and prosecuted for assault... and there is no chance the Congressman who did this to the citizen will be arrested and prosecuted for assault.


Crucis said...

Etheridge self-destructed.

He's toast come November. The unfortunate part is that we'll have to wait until then to toss him out!

The kids should have pressed charges. No one is above the law, even congressmen.

Carteach0 said...

Press charges? With who?

The police department run by the appointed Liberal Democrat anti-civil rights police chief, who reports to the Liberal Democrat mayor, who controls the DA's office run by an elected Liberal Democrat?

Sure.... I'll hold my breath waiting for THAT to happen. They would probably arrest the students for aggravated mopery or something, while apologizing to the idiot Congressman for the trouble.

Ted Amadeus said...

They have it on video. They should press charges and not stop raising a fuss until the pompous ass is behind bars.
It would be a good incident to take to SCOTUS and have the double-standards repealed.
The Political Class need to be put in their place - equal under the law like the rest of U.S.