Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SA: Situational awareness

At the bank yesterday for a very rare visit, I had time in line to observe those around me. When it came my turn to see Mr. Trainee Teller with his TrainER handler by his side, I told him to take his time as I was in no rush to go outside. This, of course, perked up Miss TrainER's ears and she looked at me with suspicion. I explained.....

The young creature a few people ahead of me in line was obviously an addict, and so ready for his next hit he was twitching, jerking, and unable to keep his eyes from zipping around at amazing speeds. No surprise his account was empty, and they turned him away cashless. So... I explained that the twitchy critter had just walked out the front door, probably in heavy need of money to buy drugs, cashless. The odds of him standing outside the door waiting for someone else to exit the bank who did have money... were way too high for my comfort. Thus.... I was in no hurry at all.

This explanation further perked up Miss TrainER's ears, although she did nothing more than look at the door with the same suspicion she had reserved for me moments ago. A few seconds of that were enough for her, and she resumed staring at the desk while chewing her cud..... er..... gum.

Me? I went to see the nice lady in the back about some account questions, and really took my time. Was I armed? Of course I was. Was I looking for trouble? Of course I was. Was I looking to avoid trouble? Yup... you bet!

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