Thursday, July 8, 2010

And again....


I just turned down another offer to 'sponsor' Carteach0. That means, in simpler terms, accept advertising. The last few unsolicited offers were different... they wanted to 'sponsor' the site, which entailed flipping a few bucks my way while I redirected the blog to push their products.

Well.... that was an easy decision! I wonder if any experienced blogger would actually buy into their plans? Silly buggers.

No.... Carteach0 will stay non-commercial for now. My money making career is teaching, and I love it. The shooty blog is my way of exploring the hobby and sport, and sharing the fun. It's not a money making venture. If it was, I'd have to get serious about it, and that would end most of the fun.

Along those lines.... I'll be attempting to video low light room clearing tonight, using a tactical flashlight and pistol. That should be a ball! (All for an article, of course...)

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Crucis said...

I had some offers from a guy selling knives last year. He wanted a link on the side bar and reviews. I'm not a knife guy. I carry a lock-blade but that's about it.

Nothing so far this year. Guess I'm not high enough on the horizon to matter.