Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bloggers and being human.... it's amazing, when you think about it

This fine rainy morning has me ruminating over the morning coffee. This mornings subject... blogging, bloggers, and human nature.

The narcissistic corner of my mind (come one, you have one too, be honest) has me glancing at the statistics counter on my own blog, and wondering how it compares to others. The next thought following... why do the folks with high traffic counts have them?

Traffic counts equal attention... other peoples eyes on the writer, and maybe a basic human need being filled. It's the internet equivalent of walking into a local bar and having the folks there grunt a 'hello' in your direction.

So... the question. All the various blogs I read, all the various writers out there, so diverse.... why do they have so many readers? It certainly can't be topic driven, not completely, as many of these bloggers have no central topic. It's life on display, all day and every day. With some, it's just a glimpse, once a week or so. With others, it's when whimsy strikes and the snark beast rages.

There's Tam, with her snippets of life comments, and a heavy side order of the most wonderfully intelligent snark. RobertaX, brilliant and alive, sharing her thoughts on life. JayG, opening a slice of his life each day, as he travels the road of Father and all round pretty kewl guy. There's unforgettable Brigid, perhaps the best writer in the blog-verse. Marko, who occasionally drops a post on his readers which reshapes their entire outlook.

This list... I could spend hours on. Simply look down my own sidebar and check out the blog roll. Those links are there because they are who I choose to read every day. Each link is backed up by a human mind, a human soul.

Back to the question.... why do some of these bloggers have so many readers?

Why do *I* read them daily..... I think that is probably the question I am really asking myself.

The third cup of coffee brings deeper thoughts, as the mind begins to clear of sleep's fog and the earth spins just a bit more, letting sunlight greet the window beside me. I think... perhaps... I am reading these peoples blogs so often.... and they have become part of my life... because of who they are. Deeply intelligent, profoundly feeling, and so essentially human.

In short... they are good people, and somehow it shows... and therein lies the magic. How is it possible to discern the basic qualities of someones soul through a medium such as blogging? Yes, yes, I know.... nobody is perfect and we all have our personality quirks that may not show in a 1500 word post. That's okay... it's called being human. Past that... past the knowledge that every person has their own bits of crazy in them... there is a reason some folks have a lot of readers out there. It's the glowing piece of their soul they put on display, like a beacon to starving wanderers.


Crucis said...

That's a good question. I have a long list on my blogroll. It seems to be incrementally growing as I find new sites.

How do I select them? For some, it's reciprocity even though I don't believe in reciprocity. I still do so out of respect.

For others---most of them in fact, it's because the post give me pause for thought. I think Brigid's blog is that for most of us. She brings light into our days and no one other has the insight as does she.

Many on mine are political. They are sites that refreshes me. You won't find any liberal, democrat, or "progressive" site on my list. I detest them. I do have a few on another web site where I can go and laugh and point at their idiocies.

But for most of those individual blog sites it is because they belong to people whom I've grown to respect. I find their thoughts and comments welcome and often reassuring.

You, Art, belong in this last group.

Jay G said...

It floors me to be in this company, it really does. I'm honored and humbled - and, quite frankly, pretty much mystified as to how or why folks stop by my little corner of the blogiverse.

Sometimes I think I'm the canary in the coal mine - when they come to take me away, it's about to be game on... ;)

Thanks for the kind words!