Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keeper...... S+W K22


Serial # K277xxx. 1956?
Slight blue thinning at muzzle from holster wear, and a pin sized finish blemish on the left plate. Other than that, it looks about as new. Internally, looks like it was made yesterday.

Blog post to follow, after I research a while. I might have to actually bbbbbBUY the Smith and Wesson book now.

Of course I have already fired it. Never ask a question that silly again.


Mike W. said...

Beautiful gun!

Tam said...

Yup. 1956.

t.kubic said...


I always love a nice revolver. For some reason I always shoot better with a revolver than with a semi-auto.

As a private message:

I have a suggestion for a Carteach0 post. Since you were instrumental in getting me started in reloading you have created a monster. My garage is now filled with containers of brass and the cabinets filled with powder, primers and bullets.

I have three 8 X 57 rifles and one 8 X 56 Hungarian. I have in excess of 1K of 30-06 brass and uncountable 7.62 X 54 Moisin brass. I got some advice on Ammoguide on resizing 30-06 brass to 8 X 57 and downloaded an article on converting 7.62 X 54 to 8 X 56. I'm also experimenting with converting Berdan brass to accept Boxer primers.

I don't know if you are a fan of converting one size of brass to another caliber but that would be an interesting article for me. Like many old farts I have more time than money and enjoy a mechanical challenge. Plus I'd rather spend money on shop equipment and tools than expensive new brass.

Love your blogs and I'm drooling on my keyboard over your K-22.

Best regards,
Tad Kubic

Everett said...

Pretty nice looking piece! I just bought a Colt Trooper III in .357 Magnum in almost the same shape as yours. Couldn't believe it had been in the gun shop for two weeks without being snatched up! Wear on all the moving parts was nonexistant and no shiny parts. I'll bet this thing hasn't had a full box of ammo through it! Heh Heh lucky me!

Carteach0 said...

Thank you everyone! I shot it today for real.... taking the time to sight it in from the bench and dial the sights in to suit me (one click left, that's it).

This pistol shoots WAY better than I do, and I had several one groups well under two inches at 50 feet. I suspect it is capable of ragged holes with good ammo and better eyes than mine.

I'll think about such an article. I've been lucky enough to not have to do such case conversions, falling into most anything I have needed up to this point. Glad to hear you caught the bug! It's the healthiest infection you'll ever have!