Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A blending of crafts

On the jewelers bench I am working on a spider (don't tell Breda). It's about the size a small woman's palm. The body is made from a silver spoon, the head from a fork handle, and the legs from fork tines. I have carved a hole in the body and silver-soldered on wide prongs to hold a large pale blue faceted topaz.

After finishing the soldering of all the bits and pieces, I realized this thing is going to be the devils own %$#@! to polish. Thus.... the blending of crafts.

I filled my vibratory shell polisher with porcelain beads and dropped this beastie in. A few hours from now, I will see if it's ready for final shaping and polishing.

A brave woman could wear this thing as a pendant, and it has a chain guide to do so. On the other hand, it would make a darn dressy ninja throwing spider, especially suited for vampire dress balls and such.

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