Sunday, September 5, 2010

Apple Fail

Apple is pushing the use of iPods in the classroom, and given that... I would think it to their advantage (and profit) to have help for teachers trying to use iPod's in the classroom. I just got off the phone with Apple. Know what they don't have? Help for teachers trying to use iPods in the classroom.

Of course, I am perfectly free to search through 25,000 third party apps and try out as many as I wish (for $$ each).


Anonymous said...

Carteach0 said...

Yup, saw those. Now I need things that actually help me use iPod's in the classroom.

I need to be able to sync 50 iPods all exactly alike, and then assign them to students for work, and then gather that work back from the iPod tagged to each student.

Nope..... cain't do that little thing with anything Apple has to offer.

I'll find what I can use, but that simple lack all by itself will likely stop my school from buying hundreds of iPods a year.

Anonymous said...

You've got the wrong perspective on this one. The iPod is just the hardware. The software is more important, really the stuff that gets things done. Hardware is just a conduit for the software.

Try taking a look at iTunes U which specializes in distributing course content. You can interface with it on a PC using the iTunes application or... on an iPod.

Ask your questions here:

Be aware that iTunes U just switched their entire content distribution system to something new. Things are still not quite settled down just yet and documentation might be a little out of sync with reality. The new stuff is better. They just haven't gotten rid of all the old stuff and there are a lot of legacy sites left so they can't really get rid of the old docs right now.