Monday, September 6, 2010

Every day at work....

I run into people like that. You know them.... the folks whose Bull reaches epic and dangerous proportions.

President O'boy announced the 'combat mission' in Iraq is over, as he promised. The kind of people who would vote for such a man..... they would believe such tripe without bothering to apply the slightest effort to honest thought.

He didn't do anything more than rename the mission. He changed the words, bastardized them, and dishonored the soldiers still there, still fighting every day. Obama says he kept his promise... he ended the war in Iraq... when he did nothing but change the name. Our soldiers still fight, still die, and still stand in harms way for us.

The man is the epitome of American political leadership today, and as such..... I detest him for the self serving, egotistical, prevaricating, gutless, sthondat begotten creature he is.

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Crucis said...

Why I'm surprised! That---you thought that well of him. :-)