Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harry Reid, you low life sack of %$#@.....

I sure hope the voters in Nevada are paying attention, at least this once.

Harry Reid, true to his character, is vowing to attach illegal immigrant amnesty to the defense spending bill. No.... it has NOTHING to do with funding our soldiers and he knows it. His plan is to hold our troops hostage in order to get his pet 'Buy-us-some-more-Democrat-voters' voted into law.

I sincerely hope he rots away slowly in a 3rd rate nursing home, forced to watch Fox News for twelve hours a day while waiting for an uncaring staffer to change his soiled diaper.

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Ted Amadeus said...

It's alright man...The neo-cons and RINOs will be back in power soon, and then THEY will start kowtowing to the illegals.
There is no difference between a globalist Democrat and an internationalist Republican: They are cut from the same cloth and either will brand you a "racist" for not supporting the cultural and economic destruction of your country.