Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's 1am, and I am up...... and thinking

There is little point recounting the aches and pains which have hauled my tired ass out of a warm bed. Settle for this... perhaps I can return to it after the Ibuprofen and the ice pack have done their work.

Reading this infernal babble box, sipping coffee, the date pops into my consciousness. September 11th, and that a day which needs little more said to understand it's significance.

I recall that day very well. I was at work, in a large country mechanical shop. Working with good, solid people. People I would happily welcome to my home and table.

I recall... a shout going out, spreading, saying a plane hit some building in New Yawk City. A big plane, and a big building.

My buddy and I turned the radio channel for news, without much caring, little more than curiosity. Minutes later a television had been hauled from the shop owners nearby home, and we were all gathered around the images of the first trade tower being hit.

We shared thoughts.... an accident, an attack, a drunken pilot, somebody committing a particularly spectacular suicide. Moments later.... the second plane hit the other tower, and we all fell silent. There was no more discussion. Every man in that building knew without taking another breath..... our nation was under attack.

What happened afterward is known to all. Our world changed. A lot of people died, good and bad. Some people took it as an opportunity to push their political leanings. Others answered the call, and served their nation as they saw the need. The best and worst of many people shined through with a brilliance both bright and terrible.

One thing has not changed since then..... we are still a nation under attack, no matter how slowly, no matter how quietly, and no matter how sneakily. Under attack from without, and from within. From outside, by those who's fanatical religion is their government, and 'peace' means only an absence of war.... after all non-believers have been crushed from existence. From within, by those who despise themselves, our freedoms, and our human ability to govern ourselves in peace and prosperity... without their controlling hand at our throat.

We are still a nation under attack.


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Yeah, I am up too... with the same thoughts...

Ted Amadeus said...

I can never forget, because it was my 36th birthday.
I often wonder if when the Romans saw the Huns riding in at them over the seven hills if they felt the same way as we all did then?
We can defeat the murdering Islamic fanatics, it's the Obammunists and other socialistic/spiritualistic altruists in Washington DC constantly making concessions to them I'm not so sure about.

Yabusame said...

I was at work when I heard the first reports. I started monitoring the news on the internet and had several folks around my desk. I thought WWIII had begun. I guess, in a way, it did.