Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea party.... a few thoughts

Concerning the 'Tea Party', I have a few thoughts.

First, let me say that I firmly in the ranks of those backing the present Tea Party concept. Vote out politicians who disregard the citizens liberty, property, and wishes. Vote in politicians (or simply other citizens) who do regard the same, and are staunchly in favor of lowering taxes and lessening government control over the people.

I have attended Tea Party rallies, and read the news coverage after. Let me say.... anything that can get the 'media' so upset that they'll lie that blatantly to damage the movement, I'm in favor of. If the Local Democrat cat box liner is that solidly against the Tea Party, then the Tea Party must be worth supporting.

Now... after watching Karl Rove and other 'Republican' party officials coming unglued as their hand picked machine candidates lose to 'Tea Party' candidates, I am even more firmly supportive of the new 'Peoples' party, for that's what the Tea Party is fast squaring up to be.

I don't expect die hard liberal Democrats to bother looking past their major media handlers and actually pay attention to what the Tea Party is all about, and Lord knows I certainly don't expect them to go to a Tea Party event and see reality for themselves. They haven't bothered doing that in generations, and there's not much chance they will now. Nor do I expect the Republican Machine hard core to accept the Tea Party and their millions upon millions of citizen supporters as worth regard, excepting where it suits their latest power play. They haven't cared what the majority of citizens really want for forty years, so why begin now.

I see the Tea Party as the embodiment of a sea change. All the pent up frustration citizens feel at having their hard earned money stolen under guise of tax law, and their freedoms snipped away bit by bit in the name of security, fairness, and shear arrogance. All this has come to a head and the sleeping giant is awakening.

Career politicians are afraid. Very afraid. At least, the smart ones are, the ones not already lost in an internally generated sea of arrogance, indifference, privilege, and self importance. The politicos who are paying attention and have their eyes open are seeing a ground swell of citizens involvement they can't control and manipulate, and it frightens them badly. They are striking out in terror, turning cannibalistic, and scrabbling at the hard stone walls of the political tombs they never noticed themselves building.

I approve.


Hat Trick said...

Aye, you're spot on. Well said.

I heard that Christine O'Donnell received a million in online donations in the 24 hrs following her win in the Delaware primary. We're seeing a rising tide that I hope will swamp the entrenched politicians in D.C.

Borepatch said...

Ooooh, good post.

Everett said...

I agree with 100% of this post!!

Canned 600K CCI 500's and am still here to talk about it! Guess it is going to work for the LONG term!

doubletrouble said...

Career politicians are becoming known simply as "the elite"; out of touch, smarter than us peons, &, as you say, afraid, very afraid.

I sincerely hope that we (Tea Partiers) can cut through the haze that envelopes these people before the next step becomes necessary.

"Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box"

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Ted Amadeus said...

As usual, good call.