Saturday, October 16, 2010

1) Ragweed blows goats.

2) The high point of my yesterday was being able to assemble the neighbors 70 year old Remington shotgun, beginning from the dreaded 'Bag-O-small parts'. What does it say about me that I have books detailing a shotgun only made for three years in the 30's?

3) Ragweed pollen is proof Satan exists.

4) Chili is good. Period. Even Chili tossed together from odd scraps and left overs.

5) Allergies suck, ragweed sucks, and I hope I am clear on that point.

6) Chili that's strong enough, and spicy enough, can blast it's way past a palate utterly destroyed by the above mentioned goat blowing ragweed pollen allergy.


Jean said...

I read somewhere that good hot chili helps clear the sinuses even when afflicted with ragweed allergies.

oh. wait. Was that what you just said?


Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I have had vicious hayfever most of my life, and the side effects from the early meds made me miserable as well.

A few years ago I discovered Allegra and it changed my life - zero side effects, and it works almost perfectly.

It might, or might not, work for you, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that at least one of the newer drugs will. You owe it to yourself to give a few of them a fair shot, they really are quite good now.

Good luck!