Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last night, an Art Museum fund raising dinner, a birthday present from Princess. The date was among many on a long list, but this one was billed as a 'bonfire' party..... how too awfully fancy could it be?

Silly me... the 'bonfire(s)' were braziers, intermittently attended by servants who were not otherwise tasked with carrying around trays of delicacies and pumpkin martinis. My total net worth would not have decorated one room of the 'house' where the party was held. Looking up the hostess this morning, I see why she seemed so familiar. Dana Chryst, CEO of a large local company..... and more qualified to run our state than the twit of a governor we have.

I... did not fit in. It wasn't a class thing, and everyone I met was nice as could be. There just weren't any overlapping life experiences to create a good social fit at such an event.

Well.... one thing.... a former student of mine was on staff parking cars out front, making a few extra dollars. Great kid, and I enjoyed catching up with him.

The high point of the evening? An older woman, discussing movies I think, who actually used the term "Good Old Wassiname' with malice aforethought. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Before we left I gave her a hug and thanked her for making my evening.

I spent the hours sipping good lager, nibbling excellent food, and watching people.

This morning I gave myself a birthday present of my own... a quiet breakfast at a local family restaurant, sitting at the counter. Grilled sticky bun, creamed chip beef, home fries.... all luxuries I usually don't permit myself, fat as I am.

Over coffee, relaxing as I waited my meals delivery, I opened my ears to listen. Once again.... I spent my time watching (and listening to) people. High born to cabin bred, wealthy to struggling, people are ... people.... and the most entertaining creatures on this planet.

Myself included.... perhaps.


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Happy Birthday!

Yabusame said...

Happy birthday matey. All the best from across the pond.

Sparrow said...

Happy Birthday! May this coming year be filled with joy, love, fulfillment and some good times at the target range!!