Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday morning musings and replays.....

It seems that something in me has chosen Sunday mornings as my time to quietly relax, and muse over the past week. Yes, there is no argument about the coffee... it tastes good. In a few hours I will make a tasty breakfast as well, featuring eggs from the neighbors chickens, who roam my backyard daily.

That said..... I could be sleeping in, Damn it!

A few vignettes of the week.......

This Tuesday Tony Schumacher and the Army race team will be visiting our school. They will park a top fuel dragster in my program's shop for the day, and Tony will visit with the kids and eat lunch with us as well. When I mentioned this to a student, he asked why our program... our school? I told him "Tony Shoemacher can go anyplace he likes, but he comes to us every year. That's because this school is a special place. You might give some thought to exactly what you have gotten yourself into this year".

Last night, reading about the union funded rally held in DC, with open socialist marches and everything.....I remarked to my GF that history repeats itself, and how sad it is we never learn as a society. She queried what I meant, and I told her there were marches by the National Socialist Party in my fathers day too. Back then, the socialist party took on the short name of 'Nazi' to identify themselves. There was a bit of a ruckus when they tried to push their agenda on other folks who didn't agree.... it was called 'World War Two'.

This blog was 'Instalanched' yesterday after Glenn Reynolds linked in from Instapundit. From 50 hits a day to 5000 (for a day). That man sure does wield a terrific amount of blog-fu! It's understandable, as I find myself visiting his site several times a day... just to see what gems he has dug up from the data flow. This morning, he links a post by Jeffrey Anderson regarding an idea. A Constitutional amendment to limit spending. Sounds nice..... but disregards how we got where we are in the first place. Our nations economy is sunk in a deep hole, and our personal freedoms have been steadily eroded, in large part because our government has steadfastly ignore the limitations already placed on it by the Constitution. Another amendment? Do you a law that says it's against the law to break the law? That's sure what it sounds like to me. Real change will not happen till we learn how to place honest people into office, if such a thing is humanly possible.

Speaking of the Tea Party phenomenon (G), I recall the remarks of a guest who joined us for a party last weekend. Over quite a lot of beer, and around an open fire, he handed us some rather disparaging remarks regarding the Tea Party. As host, I thought it would be rude to challenge this at the time, and let it ride into party oblivion along with the empty lager bottles. The thing is... the man (and he is a friend) mouthed the talking list of those who hate and fear the Tea Party movement for what it is.... a popular uprising they can't control. Therein lies the real danger, and power, of the whole Tea Party phenomenon... it's composed of people who are self led. Not leaders urging on a mob, and not a carefully orchestrated plan to protect and provide power to a select few, but millions upon millions of citizens who have opened their eyes, started paying attention, and are concerned enough to take action. If recent elections are any indication, the Democrats are shaking in their Armani's over this, and the Republicans are sucking on sizzled fingers from where they tried to grab the reins. It's going to be a very entertaining election cycle. I suspect the howling of newly jobless politicos will all but drown out the laughter of the universe at their suffering.

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