Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday thoughts....

What is money? Amongst all the other moral considerations in my own internal Randian scheme of things, the realistic and temporal view is: Money is the means to acquire things I want or need, and has no value past that.

So... what about things (slash) acquisition of (slash) see 'junk' (end) ?

Well, sure, there are some 'things' I would like to have... that I now don't. A nice vehicle would be good (Enjoy your truck, bitch). Maybe a higher grade camera body. An old style percolator coffee maker would be a treat. Given time, I'm sure I could think of something else too.

The thing is.... all these are 'wants', and I refuse to be ruled by such. I knew people, know people, who lives are governed by the want of things. People who regard shopping as sport, pastime, and even goal of life itself. People who's lives are not complete til they own 'one more thing'.... always one more.... forever one more. Happiness denied, as it's never on sale and won't fit in the shopping cart anyway.

No... I have seen the horror of that hell. It's outer circle as well, where dwell those who regard others opinions of them higher than life and love itself. Those who's grass must be perfectly mowed and just the right color, or whatever shame will descend on them when the neighbors see the bare patch. People who's emotions could and would flare nova bright at a scratch on a wall which damaged their image of their perfect house (but never a home).

Today is 'Black Friday', and the shoppers bell is tolling. Far more than any all hallows eve, evil lurks the land today. The evil which is unrequited and never to be met lust for.... stuff. For some, a game to be enjoyed. For others, a breed of others who harbor a twisted and maddening need, Black Friday is the consumer orgy that never satisfies no matter how promising... always holding out one more almost possible hint at never to be attained ultimate happiness.

Me? My plans for Black Friday? Well..... I will probably load the wood box so a warming and cheery fire can burn all day. I am enjoying the gnarled pathways of a new-to-me Ian Banks book, and today will give a few hours to spend that way. And.... perhaps.... maybe.... I will go 'shopping'.... for the makings of lasagna. Later I will 'spend' time at my work bench and create something interesting and beautiful. In any case, I will enjoy the day, and be satisfied and happy in my life.


williamthecoroner said...

Art I wondered what you think of Surface Detail. I think Banks is so successful he's succumbed to Clancy and Rowling disease--a gosd writer who now can ignore their editors.

I liked his earlier stuff, Wasp Factory, The Bridge, and the early culture novels. Even up to Look to Windward. Lately, though he seems to be indulging his taste for the grotesque and getting paid by the word.

William the Coroner

Carteach0 said...


I am reading Surface Detail now. I had hoped it was going to be a free rein romp into his twisted thought process, but the jury is still out.

I can, if I wish, put the book down and walk away without regrets.

Everett said...

Hey Art, Lehmans sells a really nice stainless percolator pot! I just love the sound and the smell of that thing in operation!