Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am of an age where taking daily medications are common. I, in fact, am supposed to take four different types, at two different times of the day. Nothing unusual... blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, blah, blah.

The thing is... I hate taking medicines. Oh, the occasional self anesthetizing joy of an excellent bourbon is enjoyed, but taking pills... can't stand it. I know I should, and I know it's good for my life and lifestyle.... but I still resent it.

You see, taking medications like that is to be force fed the fact that I grow old. My eyes no longer work as well, my hearing has suffered over the years, and even my bullish strength has slacked somewhat. Things... hurt. Taking medications is, in a way, a giving in to the limitations and pain. It's a failure.

So, I dislike taking them, even as I generally try to force myself to do what I should.

At the drug pushers emporium this week, filling scrips, I noticed a service they have now. They will take all those damn daily meds and prepackage them into one-a-day cellophane packages. Grab and go, exactly the same as the one-a-day vitiman packs I take almost daily.

Well... that is convenient! That would make it easier to get past my inner child and take the steenking medications as I should. That would be an excellent solution..... until I read the sign further. They will only package a week at a time, and you must return every week for a new set.

"WHY do you only do a week at a time?" I asked. "Government regs" the drug pusher said.

Here we have a perfect metaphor for government in general. Create nothing to solve a problem, but make sure to install heavy braking systems on anything that does solve a problem.

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The Aardvark said...

"Taking medications is, in a way, a giving in to the limitations and pain. It's a failure."

Yes. Amen. Other agreement as appropriate.
This is what kept me from starting medication for depression years ago. It meant I was losing. Once I took the meds, I discovered that if a drug says "may cause drowsiness", for me it should read "will induce coma". I spent over a year being a somnolent non-producer, until I said "ENOUGH!".

Better to work and be down, than not and have more reason to be down.

Finally, I discovered The Martini and cigars. Self-medication never had it so good. ) And yes, moderation. I have a martini-or-two only as needed (I'll go weeks without) and I never smoke more than one cigar at a time. Ever.

So, yeah, I relate to the meds bit. I take BP pills so my hed doesn't pop in the middle of the produce aisle. (Good thing I don't shop Weis!)

Any way, ramble, ramble, well-played on your blog!