Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'd love to see the TSA situation fixed, but for now....

I would be happy to have travel security be a mostly non-issue, with efficient staff, reasonable methods, and effective procedures. I would be more than happy to never post a TSA story again.

But.... till they get fixed..... they are like the blog Rant-gift that just keeps giving!

Prediction: TSA will announce that photography and video in airports is now against the regulations for 'security' reasons. Nothing cockroaches fear more than sunlight.


Crucis said...

The son of a fellow church member flew in from Atlanta yesterday to spend the holidays with his folks. He said that the folks waiting to be groped all had their phones out and were recording all the shake-downs. The folks in line were exchanging names/phone #s are agreeing to send videos if anything appeared "out of line."

There have been a couple from other locations already appearing on Drudge. I wonder how this coming week is going to come out. Not good, I expect.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

now imagine if you were a terrorist with some of those machine guns and grenades that the Mexican drug gangs are using on each other (and cops).

Can you think of anything that you could do with those items that wouldn't involve trying to sneak through security?

here's a hint

Let's not pretend that security theater is designed to prevent previous attacks.