Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's that time again.....

I re-read Atlas Shrugged every year. It's an important book to me. The time of the reading makes itself known.

This year, I am listening to it in audio version. In fact, the book is being spoken as I type this.

I may, even probably will, read it as well.

Each year, with a fresh infusion of philosophical thought.... I re-evaluate my life in terms of this book. I spend some time looking at people with eyes and brain calibrated in objective metrics.

I recommend it... very much so.


Ted Amadeus said...

Bravo, sir!

Yabusame said...

Atlas Shrugged is one of my favourite books, but I've heard that several people don't rate it but they have never been clear as to why. I do dislike the LONG radio speech though. It must be because I tend to read at night by chapter and that's a long bit to ge through when tired and starting to drift off.

Recently read Anthem to my step-son as our bedtime story.

Enjoy your reading.