Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Republicans' think they won something?

I have a different opinion.

Over the last few decades, Democrats, Liberals, 'The media', and yes.... Republicans have trained the American electorate to make decisions based on dislike, disdain, ignorance, and even hatred. Obama was elected for nothing he was, for nothing he had ever done, but simply because he was NOT REPUBLICAN... because Republicans are evil, want to destroy the world, enslave mankind, and rape stray sheep on occasion.

At least, this is the way Republicans were portrayed by the D's, the classic media, and the fringe left.

Well.... it worked like a charm. The Democrats have held the entire legislative branch since 2006, and the executive branch for the last two years... all based on the politics of hatred, fear, ignorance, and disgust. Before that, the Republicans did a bang up job of doing the exact same thing, heaping mounds of emotional dung upon the Clinton administration.... deserved and/or not.

As far as I'm concerned.... a pox on BOTH houses. I see barely a whit of difference between them when it comes down to actual spending, intrusive government controls, taxation, and ruthless attacks on individual rights. Sure, both parties talk a blue streak of pure unadulterated bullshit nine miles long, but what they actually do couldn't be deliniated with a razor blade and a magnifying glass.

Republican party bosses..... you think you have won something? You honestly do.... don't you? Well, I call BS on that. You won nothing, because all the voting was not for you, but against the direction the other party was perceived to be headed.

The meteoric rise of the 'Tea Party', which is not a political party in any sense of the word, is due solely to folks getting disgusted with both major parties. The Tea Party has no 'party' headquarters, no party platform, no real party leaders, nominates no candidates, writes no policies, and proposes no laws. It's nothing more than people. Disgusted people. People who are awake, unhappy, and taking a very strong interest in politics.... all politics.... and all politicians.

The 'Tea Party' is composed of all the people you two big parties left behind, pissed off, or rejected..... and it turns out to a bigger group of folks than you ever thought (or more likely didn't think). A big enough group to swing this last election around like a big dog on a short leash. The 'Tea Party' doesn't have anything you can grab and manipulate, leaving only lies left to denigrate the people who make it up. In fact, the 'Tea Party' people have only three things they agree on.... and both major parties hate all three with a passion. Fiscal responsibility, a Government which respects and follows the constitution, and shrinking government intrusion into peoples lives.

Republican party bosses..... listen up. Don't think last nights election begins a time of happiness and joy for you folks. By... No... Means. It begins a time when you will be watched so closely that you won't be able to fart in church without three video cameras catching it and having it broadcast to the people before the service is over. Everything you say will be examined and held up for review... and everything you do had damn well be what you said you will do.

Republicans.... you think you won the elections because people suddenly like you again? You can't be that stupid....can you? You won because the other party made a balls up wonder of the job they were doing on us. In no way, shape, or form does that mean the American people want and trust you folks to pick up the reins.

There just wasn't anyone else on the ballot to vote for. THAT is the only reason you won so many elections.

We, the people, will be watching. Your job is likely to be short lived. A whole bunch of incumbents just got tossed out on their arses. Now YOU are the incumbents. You better bust your butts to give us a reason not to toss you next time.... because we are already warming up to do that.

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D.W. Drang said...

FWIW, at least some of the nominal Pachyderm pols get it. Tim Pawlenty is on record as saying that, if the GOP screws this up, then 2012 will be The Year Of The Third party, and Marco Rubio just said more or less the same thing.

WV: obfod. Heh. (For non-aviation types, FOD-Foreign Object Debris/Damage, so...)