Saturday, November 27, 2010

The ring below.....

I loaded that image when I finished the ring, yesterday. I wanted a photo up, but had no time to write anything.

The ring is made of of half round ring stock, folded over back to back and soldered full length. I left the head as a loop to form a stone setting. The body, hammered and shaped against my new bench block, and then a ring mandrel. The prongs I welded on, made from wire. The stone, a 6x9mm faceted peridot purchased at the gem show this past weekend.

All silver, of course. It worked hardened quite briskly, and I had to anneal it several times. The heavy body, soldered from two layers, makes the ring very strong.

Lessons learned?

I'll order some round stock in a heavy gauge for projects like this. Soldering layers together works, but isn't needed when I can just order basic stock for what I want. Now.... if they were two DIFFERENT metals.....

I also need to practice making setting prongs. This was my first attempt, and worked, but it's a skill I must learn. It's touchy stuff, working with a visor, small torch nozzle, and tweezers.

Setting stones... I need to a learn a lot more about that. Buying settings is easy, and I have plenty in stock... but I sneer at them. Easy to solder on and generic, I can see why pro jewelers use them all the time. Common and usual they are, and those are words never to be associated with any piece I make. I will make my own settings, as uncommon as I please. Perhaps the next piece, the snake itself... coiled around the gem... will be the setting.

Oh.... and I need to order a custom makers stamp. I'm doing a piece or two a week, and they are building up around here. Eventually they'll find homes, and I'd like to leave my mark on them.

This ring is sized to 10 right now, but should be easy to run up or down several sizes. I'll probably sell it. Most of what I make, I do for the joy of the making. Afterward, let them make someone else happy.

I have a couple days off in a row. We'll see what happens.

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