Friday, November 5, 2010


After reading over several more incidents of TSA outrageous behavior in the last few days, something occurred to me.

NO ONE likes the TSA or how they behave. So.... why don't we pick a week, as citizens, and simply not fly that week? Make a $$$ statement.



Rev. Paul said...

I'm not sure the damage to the struggling airlines would be worth whatever lesson we'd try to teach the gov. In fact, it might even lead to the gov trying to take over the transportation industry, just like they took over the private security industry to used to screen us before Homeland Security & the Patriot Act became a one-size-fits-all Leviathan.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

You are making the mistake of believing that these government agents WANT us to fly. You think that they care. They are paid from tax dollars and are not responsive to the wants and needs of the airlines.

If they keep ratcheting up the pressure, no one will fly and our lords and masters will be secure in the knowlege that they will once again be able to lord it over us, jetting off to exciting locations in their private planes while we are stuck driving to the local city park because that's all we can afford and that's all the hassle we are willing to put up with.

It wasn't so long ago that you had to be rich to afford a country home and a private carriage. Now anyone can buy a home in the burbs and a Toyota to get him back and forth to work. How are our masters to feel exceptional if they have to compete with us? They need something to show how superior they are. Making us stay out of Europe and Aspen by making it impossible to fly is about all they can do.

Phillip said...

That's pretty much every week for me. I don't have to travel for business, and I won't fly for pleasure until I fly out of the country again, which is looking like a while for me. I don't think turning a two hour flight into an eight hour ordeal involving groping, undressing, and disarming myself to be pleasurable, so I'll just drive. Last vacation was from central Florida to upstate New York, which gives you an idea of how much I detest flying now.

I'm with you in spirit, though.

Yabusame said...

Phillip - I'm in a similar position to you in my response to airline security. I often have to fly for work within the UK but I'm choosing to drive and waste a day or two on the journey than put up with the hassle at an internal airport.

In fact, I'm even getting to the point where I won't fly in Europe at all and rather take the car or bike instead.

Carteach0 said...

Rev Paul,

I agree, and my opinion is the airlines are mostly not to blame regarding the TSA. Knowing that, on the other hand, does not provide any other way for American citizens to react to the excesses, ignorance, and arrogance of the TSA.

Congress has inflicted 'Homeland Security' and the evil kabuki theater that is the TSA on the American public. Whether they are actively trying to destroy air travel through malice, or are simply acting from ignorance and stupidity, the result is the same.

The TSA is destroying air travel and the airline industry, one insulting act of arrogance at a time.

Perhaps a few weeks of almost no passengers at all would encourage the affected industries (and their unionized employee's) to speak up on behalf of American citizens.

Perhaps it would encourage Congress to repair their incompetent mistake.

In any case, considering what Congress has done to air travel in this country, I will give it a pass. There are many places I would like to fly off to and visit.... but not if it means dealing with those arrogant asses of the TSA.

I suspect I am far from alone in that opinion.