Sunday, December 26, 2010

"I have something to tell you..."


Any conversation that starts with that phrase is likely to be a serious one. When the next words are "You should check your gun, I'm not sure I put it back right"... then it's going to be a very interesting, and serious conversation.

Those are pretty much exactly the words Princess had for me when I came home a few days back.

She related a story about two guys in a truck who had pulled in our driveway. They walked around the house, and one finally knocked. She didn't answer, but she did get my .45 in hand.

He came back and knocked again, and this time she answered, with the Glock held behind her back. The guy asked personal questions... who owned the house, how many people lived there.... and Princess told him none of that was his business and shut the door in his face. She thinks he got a glimpse of the .45 as she closed the door.... since that was the hand she used to do it (G).

She says he went off the front porch backwards, and they both left in rather a hurry.

All this explained the 'Driveway paving' business card I found laying on the ground out front when I got home, where the frightened scam artist must have flung it as he skedaddled.

Driveway paving? When daily temps are not above freezing? Right..... Suuuuure.......

I told Princess she done good, and reinforced exactly what condition that pistol is in when she needs it. I asked her what she would have done if he had forced his way in the door.

She said "I would have cried and cried, right after I killed him dead".

That's my girl!


Phillip said...

Sniff, sniff... that's beautiful, man. You've taught her right.

Mike W. said...

and people wonder why I answer the door armed. Good job!