Sunday, December 12, 2010

'Jes keeping track......

It's 9:30 am. So far today, I have....

  • Slept a few hours from midnight til 5am.
  • Drank a pot of coffee.
  • Baked cornbread for breakfast, with lots of shrimp, onions, and cheese in it.
  • Pulled four pounds of beach stones from the polisher and washed them.... (shiny!).
  • Built a snake ring to match Princess's favorite, of pure copper to set off her silver one.
  • Created a piece for myself for a change... a heavy bracelet of copper and silver.

Now, I guess I'll go get a shower and think about what I want to get done today. I suppose I've done enough already that I can turn lazy-bones and not feel guilty about it.

There has to be a grocery store run in there someplace, but no rush. In fact... it's very much beginning to feel like a no-rush kind of day.

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