Saturday, December 4, 2010

The price was too high....

Last night I was to accompany princess to a club in town for an evening (and early morning) of music. I must assure friends and neighbors all that I made it perfectly clear from the get-go that I would neither 'Hip', nor 'Hop' for any amount of cash money.

On the way in, she asked if I was carrying. I replied "Of course, I always am". She asked what I would do with it while we were in the club.

"They search people entering the club?" ......


"Then I guess I'm not going in. I'll drop you off, and come back for you when you are ready. Have a good time with your friends".

You see, the price of entrance into their club was too high. Not the $10 door charge, but the requirement of giving up the human right of individual self defense. Yes, it's their place, and they can demand it if they wish.... but it's a price I consider high indeed, especially when they make no effort at all to make up for it by defending patrons against criminal attack. Strike one.

Strike two.... their clientele is the sort that breeds the mentality which installs metal detectors at the door of the club. Hmm.......

In both cases, not a place I wish to spend my evening, and that is MY choice.

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